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In short, we find the best possible hotels, rates and perks for you and your wedding guests. This process alone would take you dozens of hours, but we take every task off your hands - totally for free. You save time, stress, and usually about 25% on your nightly rates! 

The Process


We set up a phone call so we can understand your event's unique needs and details.

We connect with each hotel in the vicinity of your event - small and large, unique and boutique.

We narrow down the best options by reviewing online reviews, guest ratings, past experiences, and best fit.

We do a first round of negotiations - getting you the best rates, freebies, and amenities.

We present our top hotel recommendations, and you pick your favorite deal!

We then do a full review of the agreement to ensure you are receiving the best terms and least liability.

We continue to monitor the agreement, providing regular updates and ensuring terms are honored 

...and finally 

You just sit back, relax, and enjoy all of the perks and amenities on your big day, knowing you're covered!

Like Our Past Happy Couples....

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"Kye has made setting up room blocks for our wedding insanely easy. He provided so many options for us to pick from based on the criteria we were looking for and set everything up."

Naomi Hochberg

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What is a Hotel Block?

A hotel block is a contracted set of rooms at a specific hotel, available at a negotiated rate and offered to traveling guests


How Do I Know If I Need One?

If you're reserving 9 or more hotel rooms, you will need to reserve a hotel block.


How Are Your Service Fees Free?

We are paid by the hotels to bring your business to them! This adds no cost to you, you still save!


Can't I Just Do It Myself?

Kind of, but you wouldn't get the same rates or perks that our connections do. Plus, its another painful task to add to your endless wedding to-do list. Let us take this one off your hands!


In what areas do you offer services?

While we continue to grow and assist across the globe, we mainly work in the US, Mexico, and Canada as of now.


Who took all of these beautiful photos on your website?

The bulk of the photos on our website were shot by the wildly talented Meraki Photo Co and if you don't yet have a photographer - this is your sign!

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It all starts with a phone call.

Just fill out the form to the right, and we'll reach out to schedule your consult - and get to booking your hotel block right away!

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Start Your Hotel Search...

Yay! We'll be in touch, soon!

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